Amazon’s stream of NFL Thursday Night Football games saw a total of 7.1 million views in its first four games, with its reach extending to 187 countries and territories.

After reporting at the end of September that the first game it streamed — between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears — drew an average worldwide audience of 372,000 people who tuned in for at least 30 seconds but stayed on average 55 minutes.

These numbers don’t include last night’s game between the Baltimore Ravens and Miami Dolphins, though that game was also streamed by Amazon. Amazon’s numbers have been steady as the season has progressed.

Amazon has so far shown improvement from Twitter’s streaming track record last year. Twitter, which had the NFL Thursday Night rights before Amazon swiped them, reported an average audience of 243,000 for its first game last year between the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills, with people on average watching for half the time as they have been on Amazon: 22 minutes.