With the Philadelphia Eagles in search of their first championship since 1960, fans don’t want to miss a thing. The good news is that the team has partnered with Mandt Media to bring immersive, 360-degree content right from the players’ perspective.

The partnership has produced content showing different views of Eagles’ game day. You can get as close as ever to a huddle with the latest video produced in preparation for Sunday’s NFC Championship matchup against the Minnesota Vikings.

“VR provides a unique way to put an NFL fan virtually in places they may never be able to access,” Mandt Media chairman and founder Gordon Whitener said in a statement. “We are very honored to work with the Philadelphia Eagles and provide these experiences.”

Other 360-degree videos that have been produced include game action from the sideline perspective of the Eagles’ crucial defensive stand against the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL divisional round game and a flyover during the national anthem.

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The Eagles for the past two seasons have also been featured in immersive content as part of NFL Immersed. They aren’t the only ones in this space. Their opponent on Sunday in the NFC championship game, the Minnesota Vikings, recently became the first team in the NFL to launch a virtual reality app for Oculus. Through that partnership the team has been producing a series of VR videos showing the tunnel walk onto the field, pregame huddles and much more.

One of the teams after the game is sure going to have a fun time producing a series of immersive content.


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