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"In 2014 Robert Morris University announced the first collegiate scholarship sponsored eSports team (League of Legends). The National Association of Collegiate eSports (NACE) was later established (in 2016) to govern collegiate member organizations with varsity programs. There are currently 88 members in the NACE. Schools offering eSports scholarships have also been building facilities dedicated to eSports and gaming to house their newly formed teams. Most notably, UC Irvine created a facility with a 3,500 sq ft arena and computer stations for 80 athletes. Organizations and cities dedicated to governing, fostering the growth of, and encouraging esports at the local level have also gained momentum. The creation of the High School Esport League (HSEL), a partnership between the PlayVS and the National Federation of State Highschool Associations, and multi-million dollar investments by a growing list of cities that includes Austin, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, and Washington D.C.. In addition to the potential revenue generation, a driving force behind city and high school investment in esports programs is the correlation between STEM program interest/success and the size of esports gaming initiatives/curriculum available to students. Students in esports programs use mathematics and comparison metrics to analyze and improve gameplay. They learn soft skills by taking part in teams, collaborating on strategies, communicating in real-time situations, and learning to manage their emotions to avoid ""tilting"". Some student teams even create websites, populating them with content, marketing material, and other material that enhances skills outside of STEM areas. More students play games than on sports teams - creating esports programs and teams gives them a chance to take part and learn social skills they may not otherwise develop in the classroom or at home