Electronic sports, or esports, is making waves in Texas with plans for a stadium announced for Arlington. An esports arena is currently being built in west Houston as part of a new tech hub called the Founder’s District.

The 100,000-square-foot space in Arlington would allow for up to 1,000 spectators, VIP amenities and year-round tournaments and events.

“Esports Stadium Arlington will further cement our city’s status as a national and international tourist destination,” the city’s mayor, Jeff Williams, said in a statement. “Players and fans will come here for the tournaments and they’ll stay even longer to experience everything Arlington has to offer.”

In Houston, the esports arena being built by the Work America Capital venture fund would tap into the local gaming community and the Houston Outlaws team. The young video game players compete in a city-based tournament called the Overwatch League.

Advertisers and cities alike are looking to further engage with the esports community as the niche market is quickly becoming an economic boon.

The esports global economy last year was valued at $696 million.